UC San Diego Undergraduate Campus

Located in the city of La Jolla (“The Jewel”), the UCSD campus enjoys exceptional weather all year and contains roughly 1,200 acres in a suburban area within walking distance of superb beaches. The surplus of land allows UCSD to sprawl over a vast and scenic area complete with extensive on-campus housing, numerous libraries, spacious athletic facilities, as well as several graduate schools. At the heart of campus, the primary student center (Price Center) holds 24-hour study spaces, fast-food chains, a market, a music venue, a movie theater, and many social lounges. UCSD maintains its own free shuttle system so students can quickly reach various parts of campus. Many public bus routes are also free to UCSD students, furnishing easy access to downtown La Jolla, shopping centers, as well as the nearby Westfield mall. Finally, La Jolla hosts an impressive arsenal of biotech companies, making it a premier hotspot for research.

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UC San Diego School of Medicine Campus

The graduate campus directly adjoins the undergraduate campus, giving undergraduates excellent opportunities for medical research as well as interaction with medical students and faculty. This also creates an environment for medical students to benefit from all the familiar utilities of the undergraduate campus. Graduate student housing immediately next to the medical school was completed in 2011.

Medical Education and Telemedicine Center

The School of Medicine finished constructing a $70 million Medical Education and Telemedicine Center that, as of 2011, is the largest of its kind in the world. The 100,000 sq-foot medical training center includes simulation emergency rooms, intensive care units, 18 exam rooms, as well as a fully-furnished operating room complete with state-of-the-art laparoscopic and robotic surgical instruments. Actors pose as patients to improve examination and interviewing skills while electronic training mannequins can be programmed to produce various medical complications. The Telemedicine Center allows students to video-conference with physicians around the world.

For more photos of the UCSD School of Medicine, click here.

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